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Wilbers Nivomat shock absorber

Art. No.: 309-1137-04

You want optimal handling for your GS regardless of the payload, whether solo, with pillion and/or luggage, without constant adjustments of the chassis? The new "miracle suspension" Wilbers LDC Nivomat powered by ZF ensures all this without having to manually intervene even once.
With the LDC suspension you always ride at the optimal ride height - perfectly tuned. The traction of your GS has never been better!
Damping and spring rate adjust automatically without any buttons or electronics.
The hydropneumatic function is a development cooperation between ZF and Wilbers Products, which has never been seen in this form before.
not yet existed in this form. All functions in one system with maximum ride comfort and long service life.
A convincing system which equips every BMW GS for your big tour!
With 5 years warranty (2 years for competition use).

The front shock can be exchanged for a conventional Wilbers shock.
The types 630, 632 or 633 are available here.

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