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Promoto Lowering Kit 60 mm

Art. No.: 550-0223-00

strong>Promoto Lowering kit

If the stability on the bike is not really given, the rider will feel uneasy and in worst case, he will lose control.
With the appropriate lowering kit of Promoto, you can lower your seat height and keep up your safety and fun while riding.
The different, model dependent forms of the kits (A*, B* or C*), are made of high-quality milled Aluminum or corrosion-protected steal.
According to the form of your kit, the assembly can be done by yourself or by a specialist dealer.
A* = linkage / triangle linkage;
B* = substitute eye or fork;
C* = substitute spring cap

Product may vary from picture.

Type A

169.00€  *

Delivery time:  1 - 2 days
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