Colour options

Blueline, Blackline, Nightline

One of our priorities is individuality and this is not least shown by the numerous possibilities to produce a Wilbers Shock absorber exactly according to the customer's wishes.


Also in terms of colour you have all options with us: As standard you can order our Adjustline Shock absorbers as Blueline, Blackline or Nightline.


The Blueline has a blue spring while the Blackline comes with a black spring.


Shock absorber of the Nightline is coated in night black.


Standard colour combinations can be found in the tables behind the links below.



You want more?

Customise your Shock absorber with your desired spring colour! Simply choose the colour from our RAL catalogue and receive your spring for a small extra charge of 59,00 Euro/mono or 79,00 Euro/stereo.


Possible designs: