Steering damper clamps

To mount the steering damper to the fork you also need a clamp which you clamp around the fork tube. The clamp is made of two halves, so you do not have to remove the fork for mounting. The fork clamps, which are also made of high-quality aluminium, are available in diameters from 35 mm to 56 mm.


Clamp blocks

If you have made changes to your motorbike fork, we have not tested a steering damper for your motorbike model or you have simply provided another place to mount the steering damper, you will need a suitable clamping block. The Wilbers Hyper-Race clamp blocks are available in 8 different versions for easy mounting at your desired place. They were especially designed for the Wilbers Hyper-Race steering dampers and are made of aluminium.

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Further information about the sizes
of steering damper clamps
and clamping blocks can be downloaded here.


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