Promoto Lowering kits


If you cannot reach the ground properly with your feet, this quickly leads to damage to man and machine.

The consequences of a fall when stopping at traffic lights can be devastating.
Attachments are scratched, damaged, bent, dented and broken. Not to mention the injuries you could sustain.


Enjoy more safety and confidence with your motorbike and find fun to ride - no matter if and where you have to stop.


With the lowering kit from Promoto you will have your feet firmly on the ground and the machine safely under control at all times!


The lower linkage of the Shock absorber is adjusted by means of two triangles or two push rods made of steel coated on the surface.


This allows you to lower the seat height by up to 65 mm.


The conversion is child's play and can be carried out with a little skill by yourself or at a specialist dealer.


ab 125,75 €

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