The Wilbers LDC Nivomat system

The Wilbers-LDC is a fully automatic hydropneumatic level control system that activates itself without the driver having to intervene.


Level control, adjustment of damping and spring rate. All functions are housed in a single casing and are activated and controlled automatically!


How it works

1. The LDC Nivomat system is pre-set so that in solo use it immediately snaps to the intended (pre-defined) level which is approx. 1/3 of the total spring travel. In this state, the system offers a reduced spring rate and damping for solo operation compared to a conventional shock absorber, ensuring maximum comfort without causing the rear to sway.

2. A passenger and/or luggage load causes the vehicle to sink in deeply and changes the vehicle geometry negatively. In the case of a normal shock absorber, the spring would have to be preloaded. However this only adjusts the level. The actually necessary adjustment of the spring rate does not take place.


3. After a driving distance of approx. 300 metres with the additional load, the LDC shock absorber has brought the vehicle back to the defined level. The inner pump rod has pumped oil from the low pressure chamber to the high pressure chamber.


The increased high pressure lifts the vehicle back to the pre-defined level and at the same time adjusts the spring rate and damping to the load.




Would you like to test drive the Nivomat?

Please make an appointment with Mrs. Schagen for a free test ride with our Bandit 1250 or Harley Davidson Street Glide. Convince yourself of the unique riding experience, also with a passenger.


You can reach Mrs. Schagen under 05921 7271770 or by e-mail: