Wilbers suspension for the Harley Davidson FLHP Road King Police FLR 2014-2016

The Wilbers suspension can be ordered now in Nordhorn and has the following features: Individually manufactured, reliable shock absorbers with the proven Wilbers technology:


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Suspension kit Wilbers LDC (Nivomat)

Suspension kit Wilbers LDC (Nivomat)
With this version a Wilbers LDC (Nivomat) is installed on one side of the vehicle and an Ecoline (type 540) on the other. Furthermore this version is only delivered as chassis kit with Wilbers Zero Friction fork springs and 2 litres of fork oil.

Content of the kit:
- Wilbers LDC shock absorber
- Wilbers Ecoline shock absorber
- Wilbers ZERO friction fork springs
- 2 litres ZERO friction fork oil

Standard height
Art.-Nr. 309-1213-00
1.461,21 EUR

Conventional Wilbers suspension components:

Shock absorber variants:

Adjustline 640 TS Road
The robust ones: Equipped with a 46 mm piston, they can withstand all blows, are adjustable in many ways and available in many different versions. A strong alternative!
- Infinitely variable spring preload by means of the hook spanner supplied.
- 22-way adjustable rebound damping.

Standard seat height
Art.-Nr. 640-1213-00
1.071.,29 EUR
Ecoline 540 TS Road
- Infinitely variable spring preload by means of the hook spanner supplied.
- Thanks to radial pistons and progressive shim packets at every on and off
The right damping at the right rebound speed.
- High-quality INA/Elges self-aligning bearings.

Standard seat height
Art.-Nr. 540-0896-00
827,59 EUR

Optional accessories:

Hydraulic spring preload type 659 possible and recommended
The hydraulic spring preload (PA) to adjust the driving level for
the motor sport or the load! Maximum adjustment of the spring preload
by 10 mm.
- hydraulic spring preload only on the left shock absorber

Art.-Nr. 659-0046-01
193,98 EUR



RSU twin-tube
With the ZERO friction fork springs from Wilbers you will achieve a perfect tuning of your telescopic fork without bottoming out!

Standard seat height
Art.-Nr. 600-0516-05
135,50 EUR
Oil SAE 10, LK 110
2 litres are necessary, per litre 24,37 EUR
The suspension has 5 years warranty and an ABE is in preparation. You can order it from now on in Nordhorn by email info@wilbers.de in our shop on www.wilbers-shop.de or by phone 05921-727170! The delivery time is as usual 10 to 14 working days! Above mentioned prices are VK-prices incl. VAT ex stock Nordhorn.your Wilbers Team