Wilbers suspension for Moto Guzzi V7 II
Racer / Stone / Stornello / Special | LW

Possible suspensions:
- Standard height
- Lowering - 30 mm (seat height 760 mm)




Type: LW; year of construction: ≥ 2015

The Wilbers suspension can be ordered now in Nordhorn and has the following features:
Individually manufactured, reliable shock absorbers and fork springs with the proven Wilbers technology:



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Shock absorber variants:

Adjustline 630 TS Road Ø 36 mm
The best Basic.
- Infinitely variable spring preload by means of the hook spanner supplied.
- 22-way adjustable rebound damping.

Slim: 36 mm radial pistons in ground precision cylinders guarantee the very best function without space problems in the outer diameter.

Standard seat height
Art.-Nr. 630-1191-00
973,82 EUR
Lower- 30 mm
Art.-Nr. 630-1191-01
973,82 EUR

Ecoline 530 TS Road Ø 36 mm
The favourable alternative when space is limited!
- Infinitely variable spring preload by means of the hook spanner supplied.
- In the stereo version, specially developed "Valve Pistons", which can be adjusted at high speed.
regulate the damping depending on the product.
- Also in the stereo version the high-quality INA/Elges self-aligning bearings.

Standard seat height
Art.-Nr. 530-0874-00
778,86 EUR
Lower- 30 mm
Art.-Nr. 530-0874-01
778,86 EUR


Optional shock absorber accessories:

Height adjuster Type 629
With the Wilbers height adjustment the length of the shock absorber can be adjusted by ±5 mm via a thread on the lower mount. Usually this is also possible while the shock absorber is mounted. Depending on the motorbike the seat height can be adjusted up to ±15 mm.

Art.-Nr. Prod.Code- 629-0000-00
77,01 EUR

fork springs:

Fork: RSU twin tube
With the ZERO friction fork springs from Wilbers you will achieve a perfect tuning of your telescopic fork without breakthrough!

Lowering only in combination with the corresponding fork springs.

Art.-Nr. 600-0526-00
135,50 EUR
Oil SAE 7,5 LK 140
1 litre is necessary, per litre 24,37 EUR
Lower- 30 mm*
Art.-Nr. 600-0268-03
154,99 EUR
Oil SAE 7,5 LK 130
1 litre is necessary, per litre 24,37 EUR

*incl. fork reduction sleeves


The suspension has 5 years warranty and an ABE is in preparation. You can order it from now on in Nordhorn by email info@wilbers.de in our shop on www.wilbers-shop.de or by phone 05921-727170! The delivery time is as usual 10 to 14 working days! Above mentioned prices are VK-prices incl. VAT ex stock Nordhorn.your Wilbers Team