Wilbers fork springs "ZERO friction"

Depending on the application, we offer you our progressive or linear fork springs, made of the best and highest quality chrome-silicon steel.


In touring and touring sports we usually recommend a progressive fork spring to optimize the response on the one hand and to increase the breakthrough reserves on the other hand.


Very important is the combination with our specially developed Wilbers fork oil and the correct air chamber for the corresponding vehicle.

If desired, an individual adjustment can be achieved in special cases by changing the air chamber.


For motorsport applications we recommend our very light linear chrome-silicon fork springs, which were co-developed by our motorsport team.

NEW "ZERO friction" Friction reduction through fine grinding, this is how the "ZERO friction" is created.


During vibratory grinding, the parts to be machined are components, such as our fork springs, together with a specially designed for this application grinding wheel in a vibrating container, the so-called Trough vibrator.


The vibrations of the container generate a relative movement between the workpiece and the grinding wheel and lead to a smoothing of the component surface due to the constant rubbing against each other.


At the end of the processing, a fine, shiny surface is obtained.

Especially with our fork springs this means reduction of surface roughness a minimisation of friction = ZERO friction.

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