ZF by Wilbers closed Cartridge

The closed cartridge has a 36 mm piston. It can be adjusted in 10 clicks for both rebound and compression damping, the adjustment range of the spring preload is 10 mm and 3 bar gas pressure. The closed Cartridge 35RR is available for all BMW S1000RR (models without DDC) including special tuning with ZERO friction fork springs.


The advantage of the closed cartridge is that the fork oil in the cartridge is separated from the nitrogen under pressure by a separating piston.


This design is similar to a shock absorber damping system and prevents the fork oil from foaming, which ensures a constant damping characteristic.



  • 10 clicks compression damping
  • 10 clicks rebound damping
  • 10 mm spring preload
  • Spring rate 8,5 N mm
  • Springs chrome silicon "Zero Friction
  • Ø 36 mm piston

1.461,21 €

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