Wilbers Technology Department

Frieslandstr. 6 - 10 · 48527 Nordhorn

Email: technik@wilbers.de
Telephone: +49 (0)5921 72717-70
Telefax: +49 (0)5921 72717-71




The Wilbers technical department has some exciting fields of activity. Besides the development of prototypes for new cars and oldtimers, it also takes care of racing and, together with the "Wilbers-BMW-Team", it takes care of our assignments in the IDM Superbike!

Another focus is the maintenance and repair of our suspensions. Always individual and competent.

Even if you are interested in tuning, Wilbers Technik is your contact person and can always give you professional advice for questions concerning suspension, engine or electronic tuning.


Through our partners in motorsports we offer numerous original motorsport accessories with guaranteed delivery times and at good prices. These can be obtained from Wilbers Technik, including expert advice on the products.


As we offer, besides our daily business, the suspension improvement of motorbikes, also suspension solutions for cars with independent suspensions, quads and ATVs, the workshop of Wilbers Technik is well equipped. Lifting platforms, a silenced and computer controlled dynamometer and linear suspension test stands or a laser suspension measuring system are part of our permanent equipment.


All of our more than 1.500 available motorbike and car suspension products have in common that they all started once in our prototype department. This is necessary in order to test all important data for our suspension products under real conditions in the respective vehicle and bring them to series production readiness!


True to the motto: "doesn't work, doesn't exist", we also produce suspensions in special lengths, for self-built or custom bikes. If you should not find a solution for your suspension problem in our product range, please ask Wilbers Technik and make an appointment on site. Then we will deal with your problem individually and professionally.


Wilbers Technik also takes over modifications of the very popular electronic ESA suspensions. After all it has developed the Wilbers WESA, the only ABE certified exchange suspension for the comfortable electronic BMW suspension struts. The technically demanding coupling of original electronics with Wilbers shock absorbers, i.e. from ESA to WESA, must therefore also be done by highly trained partners in order to avoid costly mistakes.


These partners learn their trade from the best, because every year Wilbers Technik conducts importer and base dealer trainings in its own premises. After completing the course the participants get the right to service Wilbers suspension products or to carry out WESA couplings.
This targeted selection of our partners ensures that only highly trained experts are able to service our landing gear and purchase spare parts. Arguments for your and our safety!


No matter if you need a service, an installation date, a tuning measure, the assembly of a racing machine or spare parts for racing, our technicians accept every challenge and are looking forward to helping you.


After strong growth and due to the cooperation with ZF, it was time for more space and new products, such as LDC Nivomat and WESA. Fortunately, the city of Nordhorn sold us an adjoining plot of land with 10,000 square metres of the finest building land, so that we now have a total of 35,000 square metres of adjoining land at our disposal. So we are well prepared for the future ... Our more than 40 employees in the areas of sales, development, service/motor sport, production and dispatch now have more than 3,000 square metres of new building at their disposal. A further new building for sales and administration is planned for the coming season.



Here you can get an insight into the individual areas of technology and racing in our new building:

1 customer area / entrance

2 Service and technology

3 prototypes

4 Test bench

5 Test bench control centre

6 Trowal room

7 Plant Manager Technology

8 Training courses