2 - Service and technology


The employees are provided with spacious, bright and clearly arranged rooms in the technical department to be able to work professionally on your vehicle.

Suspension test benches, laser-controlled measuring equipment, state-of-the-art dynamometers, testing machines and the best tools. We can equip and tune vehicles in the touring and sports sector with the best. This is where our experience of more than 35 years comes into play, true to the motto "experience comes from driving".


Our technical department consists of different areas of responsibility. These include the areas of motor sports, the installation or tuning of suspension products from our own production and the optimization of the fork.
Suspension test benches and the modern engine test bench make it possible to test and individually tune the engine and suspension exactly to your requirements. Flooded with light, they follow the work on their vehicle in a relaxed manner.


  • In addition to the installation and service of our suspension products, we have created space for special projects, and the realization of motorsport projects in the field of customer sport.
  • In a partnership with a large Motorbike manufacturer, as promoter, we prepare the racing vehicles. As promoter, we are responsible for the development and implementation of this racing class.
  • In the open customer area, the custom-made suspension products are installed by appointment and adapted to the personal requirements of the drivers
  • All of our own products can always be maintained, adapted or repaired, so we offer a lifelong use of the high-quality products. Service work is carried out professionally and skilfully. Appointments can be made on site in Nordhorn, but of course, we also offer the option of sending in your product.
  • The construction of the fork products developed in cooperation with ZF is realized individually for the customer, this of course for the areas of touring, sport or racing in different lengths and settings.